Obliczenia wytrzymałościowe


Experience in strength calculations of boiler elements in Power Plants



- 3D models and drawings in ARES Commander program (*.dwg, *.dxf)



- piping flexibility analysis in Finnsap program (including main steam piping)

- springs, supports, guides selection

- global and local buckling

- experience with Lisega and Hydra springs

- hydrotest, chemical cleaning

- modal analysis

- allowable nozzle loads


Air and flue gas ducts, ash hoppers

- stiffeners selection

- support and suspensions calculations

- eigensolution

- global and local buckling


Steel constructions

- resistance of cross - sections

- buckling resistance of members

- weld calculations

- bolted connections calculations


- boiler hanger rods, springs selection

- lugs dimensioning


Other boiler elements

- convection cage strength

- header analysis

- membrane wall strength capacity

- coils suspension

- stiffened plate structures

- tubular air heater

- grid strength

- boiler guides

- others