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Privacy policy

Atom.SMS system is realized by another firm. To ensure right working Atom.SMS system personal informations are collected. Your rights to privacy protection is respected. All your data are managed and collected with care about safety.

If You use SMS payment

Sending SMS from Your mobile phone to use SMS Premium system You get it user.

Then managed and collected are below data:

  • Your phone number;
  • SMS content You sent and got from Atom.SMS system.

Managing above data is necessary to provide service You chose sending SMS. Data are collected also for potential complaint. Some of these services are supported by another companies other than Atom.SMS. To guarantee service possibility Your data are transfered to suitable company to complete this service. 

For what Your data are not used:

  • Your data are not transfered to outside company (with the exception to company which provide service You ordered);
  • Your data are not transfered to obtain Your identification as a phone user;
  • no additional sms are sent beyond service You ordered