Obliczenia wytrzymałościowe

Strength calculation examples are presented below. All possible calculations in detailed consultations.



- FEM calculations

  • linear and nonlinear materials
  • geometrical nonlinearities
  • duct bracing strength
  • duct suspension dimensioning (rods, springs)
  • duct vibration
  • ash filling
  • friction
  • calculations acc. to Eurocodes
  • global and local buckling

- analitical calculations

  • duct strength (simple geometry)
  • duct bracing strength and vibration
  • duct suspension dimensioning (rods, springs)
  • friction
  • calculations acc. to Eurocodes
  • global buckling (simple geometry)



          Duct vibrations                                                                                                      Bracing buckling




    Lug and rods calculation                                 Thermal expansion with friction



    Ash loading                                                           Wind action




     Global buckling                                             Local buckling