Obliczenia wytrzymałościowe

Strength calculation examples are presented below. All possible calculations in detailed consultations.



- FEM calculations 

  • linear and nonlinear materials
  • geometrical nonlinearities
  • Eurocodes combinations and design factors

- analytical calculations (Eurocodes)

  • resistance of cross-section whatever the class is
  • effective width effect
  • tension, compression, bending, shear, torsion, bending with shear, bending with axial force, bending with shear and axial force


           Beam bending    Beam twisting   Effective properties              

                                   Beam bending                                               Beam twisting            Effective properties



- FEM calculations

  • linear and nonlinear materials
  • I and II order analysis (imperfections)
  • global and local buckling
  • Eurocodes combinations and design factors

- analytical calculations (Eurocodes)

  • resistance for compression, bending, bending with axial compression, lateral and lateral torsional resistance

Column buckling   Lateral - torsional buckling  Wyboczenie scinanie

     Column buckling                   Lateral - torsional buckling                              Shear buckling



- fillet welds

  • lap joints, lap joints - long joints
  • simplified and directional methods (Eurocodes)
  • shear

- butt welds, T-butt welds

  • tension, eccentric tension, shear, bending, twisting
  • partial and full penetration
  • one and two-sided

 Longitudinal+transverse tension          T-butt weld shear

               Longitudinal+transverse tension                                           T-butt weld shear


Eccentric butt weld tension         One-sided weld  Two-sided weld

      Eccentric butt weld tension                                   One-sided weld               Two-sided weld